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We Are Hiring a Range of Positions


Manage incoming deliveries to a warehouse or factory by verifying and signing for shipments, unloading and storing the received items, and processing any returns.


Stockers help manage the movement of items throughout the warehouse. They also organize the storage and movement of goods in and out of the environment. Stockers make sure certain inventory is kept and on shelves and may need to coordinate reordering when necessary.


A warehouse packer, sometimes referred to as a picker, retrieves items from a warehouse for shipping. They prepare orders by moving quickly and keeping items organized.


A loader uses their organizational skills to ensure items are packed efficiently and safely into a shipping container or vehicle. Their goal is to load the most items for transport to serve clients who rely on warehouse shipments.


A receiver is responsible for verifying the delivery of items in a warehouse. They check incoming shipments against records to make sure the correct items are packed, unloaded and distributed. They may need to perform basic math calculations and do some heavy lifting when receiving things for the warehouse. They may also be responsible for organizing how items are stored once they are received

Inventory Controler

An inventory control manager works to meet inventory compliance standards in a warehouse. They make sure a business maintains inventory procedures by overseeing staff and work processes. Since this position is at the management level, they are responsible for supervising both the warehouse operations and the workers.

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